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The International Sugar Art Collection by Nicholas Lodge is school where he teaches all aspects and levels of sugar art.  ISAC's- located in Norcross, Georgia is where the school is located.  If you have the opportunity to be a part of this impressive school, take it!  You will learn unfathomable amounts of knowledge! Sometimes, if you're lucky, he has guest teachers such as the famous, Reva Alexander-Hawk from Food Network!  The link to his school is:   You can take classes and order product as well!

Beth Meyer is PME Certified in the Sugar Arts, a Certified Professional Chocolatier- graduating with honors from the prestigious Ecole Chocolate School of Chocolate Arts, award winning Cake and Gingerbread Artist, Member of FIPGC, Member of ACF, Certified Pastry Chef – graduating summa cum laude, Owner of The Cake Boutique, and is an ICES Certified Judge.   She teaches and demos across the US the art of sugar craft.  


Prior to her sugar arts career, Beth was a Humanities and IT professor who taught at a two-year college and a four-year college in the state of Michigan.  She is also a published author.  She has lived and traveled to over 40 different countries and made cakes for the US Ambassador of Angola while living in Africa for three years.  

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